This week, published their monthly online magazine called GRIT. I was asked to write about parenting including what I believe are the biggest challenges for bringing up children today, whether there are different ‘rules’ for raising girls and boys and even coping with parental guilt.

My section is entitled Terrorism, Technology and Trump. Just a few of the things that affect the pace at which the world is moving and how I feel affects our ability to parent today.

I jumped at the chance, when the word guilt was mentioned. It’s something I always relate to and am sure all women who take any time for themselves feel, whether it’s going to work or going to the spa. Ok maybe not the spa.

My guilt has taken various forms. Buying the most ridiculous and useless gifts from the hospital WRVS shop after a night shift, late night Amazon Prime buys of things that really could wait until their birthday, extreme junk food and late night movie watching cosied up on the sofa together. It’s the age old saying ‘You can’t buy love with money’ oh yes you can! Kids LOVE you when you do all of the above.

But as my children grow and their needs change from a two minute distraction toy and exams, acting classes and the reality of their future looms, the guilt spreads to how much quality time I can give them. Undivided. Un i-Phoned (Yes it’s a word, I just made it up) and with a smile.

I’m learning. It feels good, therefore I’m winning. And when they do their best, what more can one want? They re asleep right now and I only ordered one thing from Amazon Prime. Oops!

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