Life – thoughts for the day

Last week was International Women’s Week 2018

As a female breast surgeon, I was asked how it feels to be one of only 4% of female breast surgeons in the UK.

Have I experienced inequality and obstruction in my career?

I think some would say I have, or at least they’ve witnessed it happening to me. It never stopped me in what I wanted to do, only drove me.

When my parents friends told me as a fifteen year old, to be a GP or a gynaecologist because it’s easier for girls, I became hell-bent on NOT doing that. So I have them to thank for where I am today. That and my parents insisting on their children be independent in thinking and actions.

If I had been a GP or other specialist, I can guarantee one thing. I would be just as busy and have just a convoluted and exciting life as I do now. Because it’s what I’m made for.

My normal pace is a marathon to some and a sprint to others. We all have different drivers. Mine is the passion and satisfaction I feel when I know I’m making a difference. Seeking constant feedback and taking critique (just about!)

I push my daughters to believe they can achieve anything and apply themselves. I hope I lead by example. My daughter told me today, her classmates thought it was “cool” that I “save lives” and that I’m learning to DJ.

Kudos to her and a smug me for being cool!