Welcome to my world!

What can I offer this exciting world of blogs, tweets and ever so experienced social media users?

I’m Anushka, a Breast Cancer Reconstructive and Cosmetic Breast Surgeon living in the South West of England.

My job is far more than operating. It’s a blend of psychosocial-oncoplastic-counselling-hugging-teamworking-sometimeslonely-sometimessad happiness.

I’m an educator and perpetual believer in trying to inspire the next generation of baby doctors to not be afraid to be themselves and everything will fall into place.

I am a mother and a wife – this drives me and pulls me and pushes me to do better, always.

I hope to help women love the body they’re in and to be the best they can be – whether that means a few tweaks, or looking after themselves, I’m here to help and listen to them. And those tweaks must be for them and nobody else!

I am a million things rolled into one being, ever growing and changing and as I grow, feel the force of so many things that interest me. DJing, setting up a charity, fitness and more!

So, lots to offer – watch this space…